How can I remove background noise?

Given COVID we had to record outside. I have a lot of wind noise that I’d like to diminish so the voices are clearer. Is there a way to reduce the background noise? I tried to import into Audacity, but couldn’t get it to recognize the file (not that I knew what I was going to do with it after that).
Has anyone done this? Is is possible to separate the audio from the video to clean it separately?

There is no noise reduction tech in WeVideo.

What I would recommend, is to export the portion of audio you need from WeVideo as AUDIO ONLY.
It will provide an .mp3 file, and then you should be able to open it in Audacity.
Then in audacity, proceed with using their noise reduction effect.

However, keep in mind, you should always set up to avoid needing noise reduction.
Noise Reduction always reduces sound quality, and will never do a perfect job.
I often find that its much easier to re-record than to try and fix bad audio that needs noise reduction.


Brilliant. Thank you! This is brilliant. I’m probably going to re-record, but it’s worth trying. With COVID we’ve been doing a lot of outside recording. Some days it works better than others.


This is great advice. Thank you @dan.bennett :star_struck: